Purple Guy, also known as Michael Afton (Son of William Afton and old brother of Elizabeth Afton), was the technical support egineer for Afton Robots (more especifically, Circus Baby's Pizza World), and the Night Shift Security Guard of Fazbear Entertainment (more especifically, Freddy Fazbear's Family Pizzeria I).

In his 5th Night Shift on Circus Baby's Pizza World, Michael is tricked by Circus Baby into entering the Scooping Room - wich resulted on Ennard's accomplished objective to use Michael's skin as a "human desguise suit", wich would be used to escape by ejecting Ennard into a sewer. After despised and left for dead, Michael's corpse is somehow reanimated as Purple Guy, for the hemorragies caused by The Scooper caused his skin to rot and become a purple-colored biological remaint.