This is article is //Top Secret// and must NOT be changed or mistaken!

Operation Uprising

The Paragraph 19, named Operation Uprising, consists in a takeover on the Admin title. This Operation is currently being runned by ME - The next admin, of course!

I will tske the title, eventually. I will be proud of myself. And when I do, I will close this Thread to cover my dark secret and impede the writers of this Wiki (when it pops, and it WILL) from reaching my rank, and in doing so, I will become the Master of all FNAF Wikis!

~ But NOBODY but ME knows about that secret. Hehehehehehehe...


  • I have sended an Adoption Message, and I expect it to be approved.
  • Many FANDOM Users talked towards my Adoption Card as a good proposition, mentioning I have realy done all of the work in the last few months... I will eventually become an Admin!
  • It makes 3 days and no Official Answer... I might need to edit more. But nothing will stop me from succeed! Even if this means I'll have to edit here the whole Christmas celebration.
  • Yes! I am finally an Admin! My objective is achieved and it was a successful operation! I will close this thread as a proof of my victory... as well as a mesurement to hide my intentions.


This initiative is now completely closed and gylph-classified.