Nightmare, also known as Lefty or Shadow Freddy, is the original Nightmare Animatronic and the dark encarnation of Nightmare Fredbear (he also possesses same body shape, though repainted as translucid-black).

Early Story Edit

Nightmare has no (known) backstory, prestiging on the fact that he was a simple creation of Sammy Afton's imaginative and paranoid nightmare figures, much like all of the other Nightmares, because of his constant fear for Animatronics.

In Sammy's story, it was noted that he has entered in contaction with several traumas on his frontal brain loble relactioned to The 66's Bite, also considering the fact he entered coma state before creating Nightmare. The coma resulted in Sammy's drifted into a never-ending nightmare in wich Animatronics take part. Nightmare was created by his paranoid imagination and became a living non-biological subject inside his subconsciouness.

Behavior Edit

Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Final Chapter Edit

(Special) Night 7 Edit

As this night is the first in wich Nightmare is featured in (in fact, Nightamre was the only Animatronic present in this level), he has a Fredbear-like behavior - in wich he can come from all directions (Bed - Closet - Hallways) and attacks the player. Although, he appears up-closer than Fredbear when spotted in the left/right door.

(Special) Night 8 Edit

Much like in previous night, Nightmare acts from all sides and he mantains same IA agressivity, but he is less likely to be the one who enters your Bedroom, considering the fact that other Animatronics are also present in this night.

Night 20/20/20/20 Edit

Multiplayer Mode Edit

Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzeria Simulator Edit

Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction Edit

Custom Night Edit

Much like Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmare spawns in The Stage, and runs through the right side (whereas Fredbear walks left side) and passes through the Right Bathroom, and walk through the Hallways as he attempts to venture through your Office. However, he appears only as two red eyes in the Doors, if he is not brightened-up by the Lights of the Doors.